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School Resource Officers

A law enforcement officer assigned to the school is a liaison position between the police department and the school system, commonly referred to as a School Resource Officer. The Bixby Police Department currently has three officers assigned to the School Resource Officer Program. The School Resource Officer emphasizes on three main areas in the school setting. These areas are functioning as a police officer in the school setting, working as a resource and problem solver, and the development and teaching of skills to the staff and students of that district. The School Resource Officer works to establish a lasting partnership with the schools, the staff, and the students.

The School Resource Officer Program is a Community Based Policing program. School Resource Officers are given the skills necessary to create individual lessons and curriculum based on the needs of the schools served. Members of the Bixby Police Department School Resource Officer Program are certified with NASRO(National Association of School Resource Officers) .

School Resource Officers are trained to deal with potential problem areas to include Child Abuse, Adolescent Stress, Dysfunctional Families, and working with Children with Special Needs. School Resource Officers are trained on strategies to maintain a safe school environment and focus on areas related to school safety such as assaults, theft, burglary, bomb threats, weapons, and alcohol and drug incidents. This is done through crisis planning by examining the main points of a school crisis plan and knowing the roles and responsibilities during a crisis or potentially dangerous incident.

Contact us by Phone at:

High School Office: 918-366-2223

Bixby Communications: 918-366-8294

Or submit an online form

If there is an immediate issue or threat please contact the Bixby Communications to speak with an officer immediately at 911 or (918-366-8294).